Queen Street Arson Attack Update

Since the attack on the newly finished Woodland Walk just weeks after it’s completion leaving the new viewing platform completely destroyed, we’ve asked what has been done – and what is next?

The Initial Petition to Lancashire Police & Crime Commissioner

A big thank you to everybody who signed the petition on 38degrees to Lancashire Police & Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw, your support means a lot to us!  As you may also recall we wrote a letter to the office of the PCC explaining that as a Community we feel that the standard of community policing falls far below what is expected. We did receive a response offering to put our case before the restorative justice team and the community policing team at Burnley & Padiham Police.

The Feedback from Burnley & Padiham Police

The following is feedback that has been given to Cllr. Russel Hawkes at Briercliffe Parish Council in response to requests for an update to the case.

The Woodland Walk Fire – Police have been carrying out enquiries in the area and some youths have been interviewed. The investigation is still ongoing…
Police are also aware of ongoing anti-social behaviour outside Briercliffe shops and on/around the Harrison Street Allotments. “Supervision” are aware of these issues and Patrols have been stepped up in the area. A policing patrol plan has been put into place to prevent any further incidents.  Anyone with any information regarding the youths involved in this anti-social behaviour are advised to contact Police.

Our Point of View

As a community organisation, we still believe that the standard of local policing falls far short of what is to be expected, but we also realise that the Police operate in an environment of unavoidable cuts to funding and resources from central government. We do not intend to simply ‘give up on this’ and we will attempt to push this case forward wherever we can in order to ensure the message is delivered loud and clear – we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in Briercliffe.


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