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Briercliffe Community Hub is going away…

Briercliffe Community Hub is going away, after 7 years of community cohesion, involvement and attempting to do the best for Briercliffe.

Before the pandemic, we had the community cleanups, the community cinema in partnership with Briercliffe Social Club and the Toddle Waddle attended by an amazing number of mums and tots, Briercliffe Community Hub was a recognised force for change at both online and offline.

During the pandemic we had the online quiz and tried to foster a sense of real community spirit at a time when being able to stay together overall meant staying apart through one of the toughest times any of us would face. Also, not forgetting most recently the joint open day with Queen Street Mill, our iconic engine and the last remaining, working bastion of the Cotton Industry, right here in the place we call home.

When we started Briercliffe Community Hub we wanted it to be different, no negativity or token keyboard warrior antics, and for a few years we managed this, but over the years we have seen our focus change, and instead of promoting the community, the business and what it stands for, we realise that our focus, as a team would be better concentrated on new and exciting developments such as the relaunch of Briercliffe Rovers after the collapse of the club in 2018 – and together with it’s then caretakers, Toni-Sue Green and Simon Green, together with Dave Slater, Chris Shapland and other like-minded members of the community we created Briercliffe Community FC.

So, while Briercliffe Community Hub, the organisation has come to an end, the spirit, the passion, and the desire to drive change in our community lives on today, but in a rather different way.

It lives on by providing access to sport for local youth and leveraging its status as a true community club to provide a helping hand through its teams, its amazing players, its volunteers and anybody connected to the club wherever we can.

We hope that you will join us in wishing the current Admin team of the newly named Briercliffe Community Focus all the best, support them, contribute to a cohesive community both online and offline and thank you for being part of our journey, and stay connected to all local community groups for exciting updates and developments from Briercliffe Community FC.